welcome to my blog!



FEBRUARY 19 2021--11:18 AM

sorry for not updating yesterday!! i was busy and tired all day :c
yesterday was just like any other day, work work and more work, yeah, thankfully i did rest a bit
i recently made a new "about section", its an introduction to who i am i guess lol
still thinking about what other cool stuff i wanna add, thinking a page about modern history, starting from
the french revolution to the present age, maybe, i love history and it would be a fun proyect to work with i think


FEBRUARY 17 2021--07:55 PM

well, today was... GREAT!!
parents found out im gay somehow and they said they accept me and loved me very much!!!!!!!!!!
wasnt able to do much changes today but im kinda getting the vibe on what i want to do and what aesthetic im going for
almost forgot, but thanks for 1000 views, im so happy aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa


FEBRUARY 16 2021--09:54 PM

as you can probably see now, i was able to do the table!!! :D
today was a really tiring day, both mentally and phisically tho, i should sleep more but im too lazy to go to sleep early, got to do so
much stuff that i can only do at night!! schools killing me man, but its cool, ill keep updating the page every day!!


FEBRUARY 15 2021--03:45 PM

so first entry i guess lol, didnt have much to do today, simply had school and
tried to make a table but it didnt work so yea :p, anyways, just average and ok day, will keep trying to update and improve the page soon!